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Guiding idea and working principle c[``ZWcN[7b:N-N_0^:W:N[T NcGSlQS^^:WzNR0MNO[7bc5ub,g0R_Nibc5u^0cؚNOS[7b5uRceQ _a :Nvh >e``0lS‰_ hQb^z&{T?e^TVQlQSBl0n[7bBlvNOS[7bbň{te!j_0 Guiding idea: put customers first and follow market trends as the direction to make the company more adaptable to market competition, lower electricity connection costs for customers, speed up new customer development, improve lower-voltage customers sense of acquiring electricity; change mindsets and transform concepts to set up a new application model based on the requirements of the state and State Grid that also meets customer requirements. ]\OSR;NR^?e^9eiBl R_g^^^:W04я[7bvNibMWY5uQ^yv{t:g6R0cO[7bNz_ gR ^8O5uQbDV N>eyv{tCgP OSR5u gRAm z =[NibMWY5uQyvbDR ePhQ?e^gqS蕟l:g6R S)Q萯s(ue R_] z^ :N[7bR o}Yv(u5usX0 Working principle: be proactive in adapting to the government s reform requirements, work faster to build a mechanism for new customer development. Provide one-stop services for customers, extend the power grid investment scope, devolve project management rights, optimize the electricity application procedure, implement the investment plan for supporting facilities projects for new customer development, optimize the communication mechanism for government licenses and documents, cut the time used internally, speed up construction, and create a good environment for customers to use electricity. N0[e[a 2. Applicability ,gw(uNlQS{VQ3u[ϑ(W160CSO[SN NvRceNOS(u5u[7bybϑbňvNOS(u5uFUNT?bNyvSvQN5uSI{~(u5u[7bdY 0 This notice applies to scattered low-voltage consumers who apply for 160 kVA or less within the jurisdiction of the company (except for low-voltage electricity commercial use and real estate projects and other voltage-rate customers for bulk installation). N0]\Ovh 3. Working goals eY~] zv(u7bceQ(ue NǏ5*N]\OehQ:NO5ulQS(ue  gY~] zFOeS_cv(u7bceQ(ue NǏ20*N]\OehQ:NO5ulQS(ue  gY~] zNS_cv(u7bceQ(ue NǏ35*N]\OeO5ulQS(ue NǏ20*N]\Oe0?e^(ue NǏ15*N]\Oe 0O5ulQS:N[7bceQ] z[e;NSO hQ zNRvsQKb~ :N[7bcONz_ gR0lQS5uQ^bD^8O[7b5uh 9(uNlQSNibMWY5uQW^yvSbb9eyvS-NR/e0NOS[7bbňmSv@b gs[ybCgPTvsQ|~d\OCgPhQ N>eO5ulQS yv1uO5ulQS[ybv^blQSYHh [syv[yb0R NT] z[eN*NO5uUSMOQAml0cLY~] z ~NSOSTSxR[ybNSOS cLO^FU[X[0[irPYT OS^X[ TTO^!j_ S)[7b(u5uceQ(ue0 No user access for external projects should take no more than 5 working days (all is the time taken by the power supply company); customers with outside lines who do not need road excavation will not spend more than 20 working days (all for the power company); The access time for users who need to excavate roads for outside projects shall not exceed 35 working days (the time for power supply companies shall not exceed 20 working days, and the time for government use shall not exceed 15 working days). The power supply company is the main organization for the customer in terms of project implementation, takes charge of the relevant procedures throughout the entire process, and provides one-stop service for the customer. The company's power grid construction investment extends to the customer's power meter, and the expenses are listed in the company's new customer development of the supporting power grid infrastructure project package or technological transformation project package. The approval authority and related system operation authority of all links involved in low-voltage customer reporting are all decentralized to the power supply company. The project is approved by the power supply company and reported to the company for record, and the approval of the project, the release of the plan, and the implementation of a power supply unit within the project are transferred. The integration of external line design selection and the initial feasibility study for approval will be promoted. The joint supply model of supplier storage, physical storage, and protocol inventory was implemented to reduce the time needed for electricity connection. V0;Nce 4. Major Measures 1.=[[7b N*NN gRBl (1)  Three ones service requirements O5ulQSe\L NS[Y0NSt0Nz gR N*NN gR =[[7bJTw z^O5ulQS:NNibMWYyv[e;NSO hQ zNRvsQKb~ :N[7bcONz_ gR NOS[7bR5usS)$N*Ns0eň0X[NOS[7bhQ萞[s9c0 The power supply company provides Three-ones Service -- One external communication, One license acceptance, One-stop service and implements the customer notification process; the power supply company is the main body of new customer developments supporting facilities, and takes charge of the relevant procedures throughout the entire process to provide customers with one-stop service and low-voltage customers. The electricity application procedure is compressed into two procedures. Newly installed and capacity-added low-voltage customers will all experience cost control. 2.MWY5uQyvbD0R[7b5uh (2) Supporting grid projects invest in customer power meters. 2018t^3g1ew \*g6eSNib] z9vNOSRceceQv[7b] z O5ulQS\Pbk6eSNib] z9(uybϑbňvNOS(u5uFUNT?bNyvSvQN5uSI{~(u5u[7bN cgqS g?eV{6eS] z9(u lQSNNOS[7bbDRLup:N[7b5uh RLup5unOO5ue+T5uh0ϑňn0h{ hQ1ulQSbD0{|yv^\NibMWY5uQyvbDtu vQ-N ~e^yvNSe^9e mTyv9(uNlQSNibMWY5uQW^yvS-NR/e ~9e yvNlQSNibMWY5uQb9eyvS-NR/e0 Starting from March 1, 2018, if the customer engineering of low-voltage dispersed access to the new customer development fee has not yet been collected, and the power supply company has stopped charging for the expansion project (low-voltage electricity commercial and real estate projects and other voltage class customers in batches. The project is still charged according to the original policy.) The cut-off point for the investment between the company and the low-voltage customer is the customer's power meter. The power supply facilities (including the energy meter, metering device, and meter box) at the demarcation point are all invested by the company. This kind of project falls into the investment scope of the new customer development supporting power grid project. Among them, the cost of the purely new construction project and the newly-built and reconstructed mixed project are listed in the company's expansion supporting power grid infrastructure project package, and the pure transformation project is expanded from the company's new customer development expansion supporting power grid technological transformation project package. 3. N>eNibMWY5uQyv{tCgP (3) Delegate new customer development project management authority O5ulQSOnc_t^dk{|NOSNib] z6eeQTNibMWYyvO(u`Q Nb2018t^NibMWY5uQyvW^yvSTb9eyvSDёBl lQSSU\OHQ\2*NyvSDёBl~eQlQSt^^~TR v^NO5ulQS:NyvSR㉡R O5ulQS cgq[7bbň`Q\yvSNbR0RkN*NwQSOyv NibMWY5uQyvDёN>kN(u0lQSvsQ cgqyvYHh6RBl N>eyv[ybTERP0ĉRR0yv{ts^S0"R{cI{{t|~d\OCgP =\_[slQSB\b1u NMR[yb T ;`c6R0NTv{ _lS0 Based on such low-voltage new customer development revenues and the use of new customer development support projects in previous years, the power supply company reports capital requirements for infrastructure projects and technical transformation projects for the expansion of supporting power grid projects in 2018. The companys development department prioritized the funding requirements of the two project packages. The company's annual comprehensive plan and the power supply company as a project package decomposition plan, the power supply company will be divided according to the customer to install the project package one by one to each specific project, expansion supporting power grid project funds earmarked. Relevant departments of the company decentralized project management approval and ERP, planning and planning, project management platform, and financial management and control management system operation authority according to the requirements of the project filing system, and realized the rapid transition from ex ante approval to total control and later supervision at the company level as soon as possible. 4.OS{t!j_S)c5u(ue (4) Optimized management mode when using compressed power O5ulQSwhtNOSyvAm zs cL ~NSOSTSxR[ybNSOS N\Y# cgq v^Rv^0QRQ ]\OSR g'Y z^0WOSAm zs ~T^?e^eN[NOS[7bceQ(ueBl PcseP ~NQd\OhQ cL] zb^0irDO^USMO#Nr~{[6R^ \Bl=[0R0=[0RN0 The power supply company carefully sorted out the low-pressure project process links, implemented integration of line selection design and preliminary feasibility study for approval, integrated one responsibility with multiple tasks, and optimized the process links to the maximum in accordance with the principle of can-allocate-and-reduce, reduce-decrease. Combine the time requirements of the municipal government's documents on low-voltage customer access, reverse the time limit of links, unify the internal operating standards, and implement the system of signing the responsibility for project construction and material supply units, and implement the requirements to the departments and personnel. 5.cؚMWY5uQyvirDO^Hes (5) Improve the supply efficiency of supporting grid projects irD萌TirDlQSirDO^-N_ R'YNibMWY5uQyv/edR^ ZP}YirDO^ gR0=[O^FU[X[0[irPYT OS^X[ irDTTO^!j_ [sNibMWY5uQyv@birDhQv0XRO^FU[X[irDT{| 6R[TtPY[ PYirDBlcQT3*N]\OeQM0Rs:Wb0RN^(uQ^0^zNibMWY5uQyv@birDPeO^O:g6R OXbirDM:g6R R:_Dn~y{ OSǑ-O^!j_ R:_MRϑ [sirDPeO^hQv n^?e^[NOS[7bceQ(ueBl0 The materials department and material company (material supply center) must increase support for the expansion of supporting power grid projects and do a good job for material supply services. Implement suppliers' storage, physical reserves, and "protocol inventory" combined supply of materials to achieve the full coverage of the industry needed to expand the supporting power grid projects. Increase the suppliers' inventory items and formulate a reasonable reserve quota. The reserve material needs to be delivered to the site or to the warehouse within 3 working days after it is requested. Establish a limited-time supply security mechanism for the expansion of supporting power grid projects, to strengthen resource pooling, optimize procurement and supply modes, strengthen distribution power, and achieve full time-limited supply of goods and meet the city government's requirements for low-voltage customer access. 6.cL N\P5u\ONO[7b ceceQ (6) Implementing no-blackout operation to ensure timely customer access 'YRc^ N\P5u\ON RR[s10CSOSN NNibyv N\P5u\ONhQv0OSNibyv\P 5uR{t c-N_[VNOS[7bceQ_wv10CSOYj\PRXMQ~rS0[N5uQSPyv ZWc HQceQ0T9e  SR OHQO[7b] zex cec5u0 We will vigorously promote non-blackout operations and strive to achieve full coverage of uninterrupted operations for expansion projects of 10kV and below. Optimize the expansion of the expansion project (send) power plan management, control center to increase access to the green channel for the 10-kilovolt equipment embargo plan due to low-voltage customer access. For grid-constrained projects, we adhere to the principle of first access and then transformation, giving priority to ensuring that customers access to projects is not interrupted. 7.ePhQ?e^gqS蕟l6R^ (7) Improve the mechanism for working with the government s licensing department O5ulQScMR;NRl ~USMOT?e^gqS EuOo` O0NXTl nS 9hnc[eBl Ǒ(uN0_I{e__ O@bDe SeV Y ~USMO0?e^T^`Q ^zN ~USMOSgqSUSMOo}Yvl:g6R0 The power supply company communicates with the line selection organization and the government licensing department in advance to smoothly communicate information and personnel communication channels. Based on the needs of the other party, it can use e-mail, express delivery, etc. to quickly transmit the required information, and promptly responds to the response of the line selection organization and government department. Good communication mechanism with the line selection organization and licensing department should be kept. 8.R:_NibMWY5uQyv`Q{c (8) Strengthen the control of the expansion of the power grid project [UmvNibMWY5uQyvvNibhQAm zOo`lQ_N[e{cs^SR \NibMWY5uQyvS{t0yvR^0yvzy0] z0irDO^0gqRt0] ze]0\P 5uR[cNSňhc5uI{s~eQNibhQAm zOo`lQ_N[e{cs^SۏL{t [s@b gNRRtTepv(W~STfS ZWQ\g~~ NAml0lQS%\O TЏv-N_TT_U\vcċN [g\RgbJTblQS[TvsQ lQSvsQ蕵~Tcw[ b_b,g8hSO|0 Improve the information disclosure and real-time management platform functions of expansion supporting power grid projects, expand the supporting power grid project package management, project creation, project appro2 4 6   ʭ{qdWdJ>6(hj7h%OJPJQJo(hj7OJQJjhj7OJQJUhCJ,OJPJQJo(hbCJ,OJPJQJo(h%CJ,OJPJQJo(h%CJOJQJh%CJOJQJo(h%OJQJh%OJPJQJo('h*ph_9OJPJQJmHnHo(sH9h*ph*pB*CJ0OJQJ^JaJ0mHnHphsHtH<hdh_9B*CJHOJPJQJ^JaJHmHnHo(phsH,h_9h_9B*CJHOJPJQJaJHo(ph 4  kU$Bb]^B`a$gdj7pd1$9DWD^`pgd%$d1$9D^`a$gd%$d1$9D^`a$gdb$Vd^V`a$gd%d^`gdb$d1$9DG$^`a$gd*p$d1$9DG$^`a$gdd    ddNij~oZXd1$9DWD^`Xgd(, VD^ `gdbd1$9DWD^`gd  6] gd  ^ `gdRPXd1$9DWD^`Xgd9I"0d1$9DWD^`0gdXd1$9DWD^`XgdXd1$9DWD^`Xgd%   jn "cb´´–{k{{{]RGh*h OJQJh*^OJPJQJo(hRPh ,CJOJQJo(h/h Z6CJOJQJo(h/h Z6CJOJQJh Z6CJOJQJo(h Zh ,6CJOJQJh/hK e6CJOJQJo(h/h ,6CJOJQJhUmh ,CJOJQJh9I"h ,OJPJQJh*^OJPJQJo(hUmhCCJOJQJhOJPJQJo(bdnNi 0̦̿sh[M@hGNh~YpCJOJQJhRPhXCJOJQJo(h\|hW{yCJOJQJhW{yOJPJQJo(h\|h\|CJOJQJh*^OJPJQJo(h:,h:,CJOJQJo(h:,h:,CJOJQJh:,OJPJQJo(h(,h(,OJPJQJo(h*h(,CJOJQJh*^OJPJQJo(h*^CJ OJPJQJo(h*^5CJ OJPJQJo(h h OJQJo(j0&lW0d1$9DWD^`0gdGN0d1$9DWD^`0gd~Yp }d1$9DWD^ `}gdRP d1$9DWD^ `gdW{y d1$9DWD^ `gd\|Xd1$9DWD^`Xgd0d1$9DWD^`0gd:,d1$9DWD^`gdr &&&&&'L'N'''"(f(h(p(r(|(~((((((()**R+,",öë~p~~e~e~e~\PhRPhGOJQJo(h6zFOJQJo(hSv6OJQJo(h|%h+/6OJQJo(h|%hG6OJQJhe6OJQJo(hmKchGOJQJhWOJPJQJo(h*^OJPJQJo(h*^5OJPJQJo(hwKhwKOJQJo(hmKchwKOJQJh*^OJPJQJo(hGNhGNCJOJQJo(hGNhGNCJOJQJ&&&'N'"(S+",,X.3"44|6 [6VDWD] ^`[gd<  6] gd3M 6] ^`gd'] 6] `gdRPZd1$9DWD^`Zgd ~6] ^~gdwKXd1$9DWD^`Xgd ",$,&,*,,,X.34"444|6::;<<&<<<=6A8AZAɽԎxlcXLALhmKchROJQJhRhv OJQJo(hmKchhOJQJhhOJQJo(hv h3MOJQJo(hmKchHOJQJhHhHOJQJhmKch<OJQJh<h3MOJQJo(hmKch-OJQJh*^5OJPJQJo(h3Mh/B]OJQJo(hmKch/B]OJQJh*^OJPJQJo(hbhbOJQJo(hmKchbOJQJhbOJQJo(|6;<<=8AZAACfG$HHIk 6VDWD] ^`gdoXd1$9DWD^`Xgd+ ~6] ^~gd+Xd1$9DWD^`XgdRXd1$9DWD^`Xgd ~6] ^~gdRZd1$9DWD^`Zgd  6] gdv ZAbAAACFFeGH$H,HHIKL"L*LLLMOP"Pɾߦԇ{rg[PDhjeyv[ybT|~d\OCgPlQS^#6R[NibMWY5uQyv[ec[airD#6R[MWY5uQyvirDO^ gsQĉ[Џh#OSNibMWY5uQb9eS{tAm z N>eyv[ybT|~d\OCgP 6R[ N\P5u\ON gsQĉ[ fnx HQceQ0T[e \ONagNc-N_[VNOS[7bceQ_wv10CSOYj\PRXMQ~rS"R#9hncNibMWY5uQyvSvRUSMOb㉡R \@bmSvlQS~yv{ts^SPY~eQT{S^ 0"R{c|~bD{bTte vbST[ybCgP N>eO5ulQSyO# cgqLBlMT_U\|~CgPte0vc|~OSI{]\O0 Improve the system and enhance the accountability system. Relevant departments of the company must fully recognize the importance and urgency of establishing new models for low-voltage customers, and enrich their strengths, revise relevant systems, and improve information systems. The marketing department is responsible for formulating the detailed rules for low-voltage customer application support after the expansion construction fee is no longer charged, formulating regulations concerning the management of the expansion-supported power grid project, and the relevant requirements for the evaluation of low-voltage customer installations; the company's development department is responsible for the optimization of the expansion of the supporting power grid infrastructure package management process. Decentralized project approval and system operation authority should be put in place. The company's Department of Construction is responsible for formulating guidelines for the implementation of expansion supporting power grid projects; the materials department is responsible for formulating relevant provisions for the supply of supporting power grid projects; the transportation inspection department is responsible for optimizing the technical renovation package management process for expansion supporting power grids. Decentralize project approval and system operation authority, formulate relevant regulations for non-blackout operations, specify the first access and then implementation operating conditions; the control center will set up an exemption-free green channel for the 10-kilovolt equipment accommodative stop plan caused by low-voltage customer access; The ministry is responsible for the dismantling of the sub-units of the expanded grid-supported project package, and the unpacking and approval authority of the company-level project management platform (reserve inclusion and budget release) and financial control system (investment budget preparation and adjustment) involved. Kexin is responsible for the functional departments. With the authority, it can carry out system adjustments, monitoring system optimization etc. 2.%N[~~0nxObHef>f0O5ulQS\O:NNOS[7b5uRceQv[e;NSO ^zsSbzNO5ulQS;N#N:N~0vsQoR;`~t0;`] z^0;NN:N~XTv[\~NS%oR;`~t:N~0vsQ#N:N~XTv]\O\~ cgqvhBl [Qht0OS0S)NOS[7bbňs fnxs[bBl0#N蕌T#NN (W|~teMR9hnclQS N>eCgPۏLd\O fNbU_sAml`Q nxOsAml gncSg |~teT cgqteBlۏLd\O[Yygl ~USMO0gqSNSirDO^ ^zo}YT\OsQ| nxO[7b5uRceQ(uec6R(W?e^ĉ[vhQ0 Coordinate carefully to ensure good results. As the implementing entity of power access for low-voltage customers, the power supply company should immediately establish a leading group with the power companys main executive as the team leader and related deputy general managers, chief engineers, and department directors as the team members and a working group with the deputy general manager of marketing as the team leader and heads of relevant department as the team members. They should comb, optimize, and compress the low-voltage customer filing phase, address the phase completion requirements, the responsible department, and the responsible person based on the target requirements, and operate according to the company's delegating authority before system adjustment. Ensure link flow is well documented, system adjustments follow the adjustment requirements, and efforts should be made to actively communicate with external line selection organizations, licensing department, and material supply departments to establish a good cooperative relationship to ensure that customers' power access time is controlled within the government limit. 3.RRe0cGSbň4ls^0O5ulQS>e``0RNc"} NecGSO5u gRR ygcRNibbň gR!j_lWGS~ v^ZP}YxQW~;`~c^]\O lQS9hncO5ulQSRebg!.s`Q~eQlQS~He8h0 Te R'Y[ Oc^R^ _[[7bhQb^(u c N5uR I{~ N gR nS nxONOS[7b~ NR5us95%N N0 Encourage innovation and improve performance in installation. Power supply companies must emancipate their m~wZd(|g$d$1$9DG$If^`a$Xd1$9DWD^`Xgd  VD^ gd]eXd1$9DWD^`Xgd  6] gd@Xd1$9DWD^`XgdWZd1$9DWD^`ZgdXd1$9DWD^`Xgd q: inds and dare to explore, continuously improve their power supply service capabilities, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry expansion service model, and do a good job of reviewing and promoting typical experiences. The company has included the companys performance evaluation in accordance with the contributions made by the power companys innovation achievements. Meanwhile, publicity should be enhanced so that more customers start to use online service channels like Palm Power. We aim at 95% of customers applying for electricity online. yrdkw0 Please be noted. DNVQlQSsQN{S10CSOSN NNibMWY5uQyv {tAm zR_] z^ۏ^vwV[5uQR 0201701081S VQlQSsQNpSSbňc5uNyltLROS%FUs X]\OeHhvwV[5uQR020180150S Appendix 1. State Grid Notice on Simplifying New User Development at 10 kV or Below (Office SGCC [2017] No. 1081) 2. The State Grid s Notice on Printing a Plan for Optimizing the Electricity Connection Environment (Office SGCC [2018] No. 150) State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company March 1, 2018 2bNA ^`gd]e{kd$$IfT40A"AJ02 4af4T$d$1$9DG$If^`a$$ & Fd$1$9DG$If^`a$H^Lb$&ژܘ&ęrdWJhwzhwzCJOJQJh*hwzCJOJQJh3(h|CJOJQJo(h,h3(CJH*OJQJo(h3(CJOJQJo(htI)h:|CJOJQJo(htI)CJOJQJo(htI)htI)CJOJQJo(Uh*^OJPJQJo(h^uh*^OJPJQJo(hwzh*^CJOJQJo(hkCJOJQJo(h mCJOJQJo(h*h mCJOJQJڑ$ژ&{$Id1$9D^`Ia$gdwzVD^`gd3($d1$9D^`a$$d1$4$9D^`a$gdtI)$d1$4$9D^`a$d1$9D^`VD/^`gd m 000VQ Nwm^5uRlQS 00 State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company 2018t^3g1e0000 1st March 2018 dkNS6eeUSMO,gS@b^\N~USMO:gsQ (This document is issued to the recipients and their secondary organizations.) 0VQ Nwm^5uRlQSRlQ[2018t^3g1epSS0      PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 2  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1  PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 &ęƙșʙ̙dH$&@#$/1$9DIf^`d $&@#$/1$9DIf^`$Id1$9D^`Ia$gdwz  VD^ gd]eęƙ  $&TVXZ^`Țʚ̚Κښܚķϳϳϳϳϳϥϳύϳ} h*^CJ"jh*^CJ"UhbhbCJ"mHnHujh*^CJUhbhbCJmHnHuh*^h5*hmKcOJPJQJhmKchmKcOJQJjh*^Uh*^CJ OJPJQJo(h*^CJOJPJQJo(hwzhwzOJPJQJo(#̙Ιo`L$$&@#$/4$Ifa$$&@#$/Ifkd$$IfT4FZ!"Z7  6@0    4af4T "$qljljljljdd1$^`gd5*}kd$$IfT4S0" 6@04af4T $\^КҚԚؚ֚ښܚd1$^`gd5*$d]^`a$$d^`a$ (. 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