ࡱ> ikh R(xbjbjqq>zee=$*#####7778o,7T"\uD$SUUUUUU$L Jy9#y##XR##SSPU7/?08!8!8!#Pyy8!' :  Document of Shanghai Real Estate Registration Bureau Shanghai Real Estate Registration Bureau Document No. 9,2018 Issued by Song Wei Circular on the Implementation of All-round, Online and Shared Service Reform for Real Estate Registration in Shanghai To Shanghai Municipal Real Estate Registration Bureau and district real estate registration centers: With consent from the municipal government, we have decided to implement an all-round, online and shared service reform for real estate registration within the city and hereby notify as follows: Work Objectives and Main Contents The all-round, online and shared means all-round service, online handling and information sharing. The reform is launched to significantly improve affair handling experience, raise review and approval efficiency and optimize result application by improving the process including real estate registration, transaction and tax payment, upgrading system and integrating resources. The main contents are as follows. (1) All-round service. Affairs will be handled at one window and thus the timeframe for handling affairs will be further shortened. Specifically, real estate transaction registration and tax payment, which currently needs to be handled at three departmentstransaction department, taxation department and registration department, will be accepted at one window. The work will be circulated within the departments and approved one after another within a definite time period. In the meantime, the timeframe for handling affairs will be shortened depending on the affair type. (2) Online handling. With online handling, you only need to come to the window for once at most. Online real estate registration service application will be available at the municipal online government affairs hall with the Internet + government affairs service promoted by the general office of Shanghai municipal government. (3) Information sharing. The information will be shared to avoid repeated submission. First, the data will be shared with the Internet + government affairs service data center. Second, the data needed for affair handling will be obtained from the Internet + government affairs service data center, and applicants will no longer be required to submit repeated data. Make All-out Efforts to Promote All-Round Service for Real Estate Registration According to the overall deployment of all-round, online and shared service reform for real estate registration, all-round service work will be launched as from January 30, 2018. Priorities will be given to the following four aspects. (1) Streamline handling process. The previous four links for real estate transaction registration will be reduced to three, namely, contract execution and registration application, tax payment and certificate collection. A comprehensive acceptance window will be opened to receive all materials needed for transaction, taxation and registration review for the real estate transaction registration, which will be circulated among the departments and approved one after another. The real estate registration fee will be charged during comprehensive acceptance. After tax is paid, applicants will be able to collect the real estate ownership certificate within two hours. Generally speaking, an applicant can complete all the formalities for real estate registration by going to the real estate transaction registration acceptance hall twice. (See Appendix 1). (2) Shorten the timeframe for handling affairs. Mortgage, easement, advance-notice registration cancellation, dissidence registration, sequestration registration and document registration will be accepted and completed on the same day. First registration, transfer registration, alteration registration, mortgage registration, easement registration, advance-notice registration, cancellation registration, correction registration and certificate re-issuance will be completed within five working days (see Appendix 2). (3) Regulate registration charge. Transaction service charge will be canceled. The charge will be in strict accordance with the Circular on Forwarding the Circular of National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance on Issues Concerning Real Estate Registration Charge (Shanghai Price Bureau Document No.8,2016). (4) Improve management quality. The citys advantages in the integration of real estate registration information system and housing and land surveying result management system will be brought into full play so as to regulate registration handling, strengthen information sharing, and improve the quality of registration work and service. Regulate the Work Process of Real Estate Transaction Registration In order to accomplish the all-round, online and shared service reform, Shanghai Municipal Real Estate Registration Bureau formulated the Comprehensive Acceptance Workflow for Real Estate Transaction Registration, which specifies the contents of and requirements on such links such as preview, receivable-in-advance by comprehensive window, query and audit of housing condition, tax audit, registration audit, certificate re-issuance and circulation, certificate making and certificate issuance. From March 1, 2018 on, the registration centers will carry out real estate transaction registration work according to the issued workflow. The all-round, online and shared service reform for real estate registration plays an important part of the efforts to optimize business environment and provide convenient and beneficial services to the people, and is a crucial move for improving government efficiency. Registration centers must pay great attention to and put specially-assigned staff in charge of the work. According to the unified deployment and requirements of Shanghai Real Estate Registration Bureau, registration centers need to actively work with housing administration, taxation and other departments to press ahead with the service reform in an orderly and safe manner. This notice will become effective upon its release. Appendix 1: Real Estate Transaction Registration Process Appendix 2: Committed Time Frame for Real Estate Registration Handling Shanghai Real Estate Registration Center February 24, 2018 Appendix 1 Real Estate Transaction Registration Process No.ProcessTime Required1Contract execution and real estate registration application5 daysGovernment bodies: housing administration bureau, real estate registration bureauThe trading parties negotiate a contract and upload it to the website of the housing administration bureau. Then they apply for tax review and real estate registration at the comprehensive acceptance window of the real estate registration center, and pay registration fee.2Pay taxGovernment body: tax bureauAfter review by tax office stationed in the district real estate registration center, the trading parties pay tax at the tax window of the real estate registration center3Obtain a new real estate ownership certificateGovernment body: real estate registration bureauThe real estate ownership certificate can be collected at the certificate issuance window of the real estate registration center within two hours after the tax is paid. EMS delivery service is also available.TotalThree5 days Appendix 2 Committed Time Frame for Real Estate Registration Handling I. Committed Time Frame Registration TypeCommitted Time FrameMortgage, easement, advance-notice registration cancellationCurrent DayDissidence registrationSequestration registrationDocument RegistrationFirst Registration5 Working Days Transfer RegistrationAlteration RegistrationMortgage RegistrationEasement RegistrationAdvance-notice registrationCancellation RegistrationCorrection RegistrationCertificate re-issuanceII. Explanation on Committed Time Frame 1. Working Day does not include statutory holidays and weekends. 2. In case any more registration document is required for the application, the time frame will start from the day such registration document is supplied. 3. Tax payment period, announcement period, announcement dissidence review period, the time for on-site inspection, and the time for correcting registration notice will not be counted into the committed time frame. 4. Where any materials submitted contain registration of notary document, the committed time frame does not apply. 5. In case of inheritance and bequest registration, the committed time frame does not apply. 6. Where there is already dissidence registration, the committed time frame will no longer apply. No text on this page Reported to: Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Planning and Land Resources, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-rural Development, Shanghai Real Estate Administration, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation, district peoples governments Forwarded to: district bureau of planning and land resources, real estate administration, local taxation bureau, real estate transaction center, tax office stationed in real estate transaction centerShanghai Real Estate Registration BureauPrinted on Feb. 24, 2018     PAGE  89ACGIOQ]_efgpv~. / Z | q  ʿʿʿʿʿ術zm]]h}h*5CJPJ\aJh}h*CJPJaJhy CJPJaJo(h5]h*5CJPJaJh5]h*5CJPJaJhR@d5CJPJaJo( h}h*5B*CJaJphhR@dCJPJaJo(h7Ph7PCJPJaJ!h5]h*B*CJ4PJaJ4phh}h*CJPJaJh}h*CJaJ"89~/ 0 Z | dQ & Fdgd*dgd* $dha$gd* $da$gd*$a$gdR@ddgd* $WDd`a$gd*gd* 0 YnU]dSs4<>OWQi 乬sch}h*5CJPJ\aJh}h*5CJPJaJhy CJPJaJo(hy hy 6CJPJ]aJh}h*6CJPJ]aJhy h*CJPJaJhy hy CJPJaJo(h}h*5CJPJ\aJh}h*CJPJaJh}h*CJPJaJh}h*5CJPJaJ& O R { $$Ifa$gdhs$a$gd* d`gd*$d4$]a$gd*$d]a$gd*  dWD` gd*dgd* #!*!sg^g $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl^FX. 0    44 layths #!*!+!,!~!!!!"""""""""""l#m#o##########]$~$$$$$$$%%E%F%%%%%%%%%&&&&4&5&L&M&d&e&&&&&ުh}h*CJPJh}h*CJPJ\aJh}h*CJPJ\aJh}h*CJPJaJh}h*5CJPJaJh}h*CJPJaJ h}h*C*!+!,!~!!rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl4.FX. 0    44 layths!!!""rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskda$$Ifl4(FX. 0    44 layths"""""rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl4FX. 0    44 layths"""""rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl47FX. 0    44 layths"""k#l#rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl41FX. 0    44 laythsl#m#o###rf[f $1$Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskdK$$Ifl4FFX. 0    44 layths#####rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl46FX. 0    44 layths###$$rf]f $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhskd$$Ifl4"FX. 0    44 layths$$$$$rfff $$Ifa$gdhskdp$$Ifl4EFX. 0    44 layths$$$$$%%%0%skkkccXL $$Ifa$gdhs WD`gd*$a$gd*dgd*kd'$$IflFX. 0    44 layths0%E%F%%%zxkd$$Ifl<09 044 layths $$Ifa$gdhs%%%%yp $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhszkdW$$Ifl4Y09 044 layths%%%%yp $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhszkd$$Ifl4Y09 044 layths%%%%yp $Ifgdhs $$Ifa$gdhszkds $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths%%%&&yyy $$Ifa$gdhszkd $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths&&&&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkd $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths&&3&4&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkd $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths4&5&K&L&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkd $$Ifl4Y09 044 laythsL&M&c&d&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkd9 $$Ifl4Y09 044 laythsd&e&&&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkd $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths&&&&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkdU $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths&&&&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkd $$Ifl4Y09 044 layths&&&&&&)))*.*N*T*V*t*v*7,--*-B-C-D-E-F-H-I-K-L-N-O-Q-R-X-Y-Z-󺰣~vrvrvrvrjdj^ h>$0J h}0JjhAxUhhsjhhsUh}hlzCJaJh}h*CJKHPJaJh}h*CJaJh5]h5]CJPJaJh5]CJPJaJh*CJPJaJh}h*;CJPJaJh}h*@CJRH_aJh}h*CJPJ h}h*h}h*CJPJaJ#&&&&yy $$Ifa$gdhszkdq$$Ifl4Y09 044 layths&&&>''("))))))zrrrrrrjeegd*dgd*d gd* WD`gd*zkd$$Ifl4Y09 044 layths ))))))))))))))))))))).*0*2*4*6*8*:*dgd*dgd*gd*:*<*>*@*B*D*F*H*J*L*N*P*R*T*V*X*Z*\*^*`*b*d*f*h*j*l*n*p* d]gd*dgd*p*r*t*v*8,--*-bB xd$& #$/9DH$IfWD2`xb$gdhspkd$$Ifl    !"" 6 0   44 lae4yths d$& #$/9DH$IfUDd]b$gdhs d]gd**-C-D-E-G-H-J-K-M-N-XVVVVVVVkd/$$Ifl   0!"$ i   6 0   44 lae4yths$$d$& #$/4$9DH$IfUDd]a$b$gd* N-P-Q-Z-[-\- x"x$x&x(x33&`#$UDVD]3^3 hh]h`h&`#$ Z-[-.xxxxxxxxxx x"x&x(xȵh}hlzCJaJh>$0JCJOJQJaJ%hy 0JCJOJQJaJmHnHu"jhAxCJOJQJUaJo(h}0JCJOJQJaJo(h}CJOJQJaJo(Uhhsh>$ PAGE 1 <0puQ1>2P:pAx. 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